Carta de Santiago was created with the aim of debating and reflecting on different areas of culture and the arts, economy, environment, science and technology. We will have leading personalities in these fields for this purpose, who will give their views on the major global challenges facing today’s society.

During the 5th, 6th and 7thNovember, the city of Santiago de Compostela will host an international forum that aims to be a space for reflection, dialogue and debate on 21 relevant topics, including cultural transformation, climate change, territorial imbalances, education, diversity, entrepreneurship and science.

A series of conclusions will be obtained through the different contributions, both from professionals and citizens, which will be collected in a document called the Carta de Santiago. Its purpose will be to make the agreements it contains everlasting, serving as a road map to face the challenges we face as a society.


The Carta de Santiago is structured in four thematic blocks, which includes 21 topics for debate, with sustainability, digital transformation and innovation as cross-cutting themes.

Culture and arts

Cultural transformation and heritage, arts and new creative economies.


2030 agenda, ecology, climate change, territory, design and biodiversity.

Economy and society

Neo-economies, neo-finance, employment, entrepreneurship, education, diversity and social innovation.

Science and technology

Health, biopolitics, technology and science and humanism.